Video Games

I have played, experimented and created several Video Games using a variety of platforms. I believe programming is the next Art Medium and it will happen through video games. An influential hero of mine is Roberta Williams who created the first Graphic Adventure Games through a company called Sierra. I aim to follow in her lead and use the magic of video games to preserve stories, culture and communities.

Published Games:

  • The Element Factory
    • Developed for the National Nuclear Science and History Museum
    • C#, Visual Studios, Blend
    • 3 Components:
      • Periodic Touch Table using Theodore Gray’s data
      • Periodic Compound Building Game: Race the clock alone or with several friends to build household compounds with different elements
      • UI Design for the purpose of attracting visitors to the table inside the museum
  • Coronado Monument Archaeological Dig of the Kuaua Pueblo in 1930
    • Developed touch screen based archeological dig game for the Coronado Historic Site in Bernallio, NM as well as a Fly-Over explore the site component.
    • Unity3D, C#, Blender
    • 3D Modeled using Blender and real time photo textures of the site

Learning & Fun / In Development:

  • Multiplayer Brickbreaker Pong
    • Developed for research into peer-peer connectivity on IOS
    • Swift, Objective-C, Xcode
    • Multiplayer pong & Brick-breaker game using two IOS devices
  • Virtual Reality Detroit Flyover Tour
    • Using a 3D model of downtown Detroit to research using the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset & the Leap Motion Controller in conjunction with each other
    • Unity, C#, Oculus Dev Kit 2, Leap Motion Controller 2.0
  • 2D Rocket League
    • Developed to practice 2D gaming and multiplayer function
    • Unity, C#
  • Pop the Bubbles Android Game
    • Android based game to learn game design using Android Studio
    • Android Studio, Java, XML
  • DinoDex
    • Developed prototype IOS game for the New Mexico Natural History Museum using image processing technology called The Tesseract
    • Swift, Objective-C, Xcode
    • Game that takes a picture of a dinosaurs name in a museum and “catches” that dinosaur. Works in all museums with dinosaurs to collect them all
  • Petroglyph Platformer
    • Developed for research into 2D Platforming games
    • Unity, C#, Adobe Illustrator
    • Play a petroglyph as he traverses rocks and other petroglyphs and uses portals to complete the levels